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People have become more worried about their health and started paying attention to the quality of the products they eat
However, many vegetables have lost their taste.
When have you enjoyed the taste of tomato or cucumber bought in a store last time?.


We know how to bring the taste of the vegetables back.
EGH is an innovative greenhouse complex designed for the difficult climatic conditions where vegetables grow in living earth.
By combining artificial intelligence, technologies of Dutch and Singaporean greenhouse facilities with the experience of ancestors, we will build EGH-greenhouses in order to grow Organic products.
We know how to get large harvest of delicious and healthy Organic vegetables on the living earth.
By tracking and optimizing many parameters the artificial intelligence on machine learning technology will create an ideal environment for vegetation and fruit-bearing.
analyzes the parameters of soil, air, lighting and a number of others in order to identify patterns influencing the harvest.
in EGH-greenhouse are grown in natural soil without the addition of chemical substances.
of EGH-greenhouse is based on the use of renewable energy sources, advanced materials and new technologies.
Organic product – is a product grown without the use of any chemical fertilizers, pesticides, chemicals for pest control and growth promoters, and GMO-free.

To take part in TGE

Background for EGH project

  • Having achieved material success, human makes the next step to improve the quality of life and to strive for longevity.
  • China has come out on top in the number of dollar millionaires and their number continues to rapidly grow.
  • Russia obtains ecologically pure territories, which will concentrate the cultivation of Organic products.
  • The immediate proximity of Russia and China creates a large export potential for Organic products.
  • Russia has a culture and a tradition of growing Organic products.
  • Russia has adopted a state program for 20% subsidy for the capital costs of the construction of greenhouses.
  • The farmers are exempt from the profit tax and property tax.
According to IFOAM, the world market for organic products will reach $250 billion by 2020!
According to TNS research and Yandex-market, organic foods in Russia are bought by:
  • The average spending per year on organic products in Russia is €1, while Switzerland has €262.
  • The market for organic products in the RF is officially occupied by no more than 0.1%. We have 3 000% of growth to reach the European 30% of organic products on store shelves.
  • We have perspectives for growth!

To take part in TGE

What is the benefit of Organic products

Scientific researches around the world have established that regular consumption of organic products
  • increases life expectancy by 8-14 years
  • prevents the risk of cardiovascular disease
  • helps to normalize blood pressure
  • the elevated content of antioxidants helps to preserve youth.
  • significantly reduces the risk of cancer
  • improves eyesight, reduces the risk of eye diseases
  • reduces the level of phosphorus in the body, which has a beneficial effect on kidneys.
  • and reduces the risk of diabetes

What do we propose?

Participating in Token Generating Event (ICO), you join the EGH club.
The main purpose of the club is to grow organic products.

The grown Organic products will be shipped on a priority basis to the members of the EGH club and to the large cities of Russia and China.

Development of EGH club

75% of the received profits will be directed towards the construction of new EGH-greenhouses across Russia and on the border with China.
Thus, together with the expansion of the geography of the construction of EGH-greenhouses, the number of members of EGH club will increase and the total number of tokens will remain the same.
A member of EGH Club can at any time implement its own token on the exchange.

Organic food

is a premium-class product for those who care what they eat

To take part in TGE

Pre-Generating Event (Pre-ICO) conditions

How the system TGE works
Amount of investment (ETH) Bonus % Tokens per ETH
0 — 3- 40 1400
3 — 5- 42 1420
5 — 10- 44 1440
10 — 20- 46 1460
20 — 50- 48 1480
50+ 50 1500

Pre-Token Generating Event (Pre-ICO) will be held from October 06 to October 13, 2017, starting at

  • 15:00 London
  • 17:00 Moscow
  • 22:00 Hong Kong

All unsold tokenswill be burned..
We do not have smart-contracts, we do not build-in hidden conditions.
Token Generation Event (ICO) will be in November-December 2017.

Road Map

How did we come to this?
  • Summer 2014


  • Summer 2014 - Winter 2015

    Market research

  • Spring 2015 - Summer 2016

    Introduction to “Dutch Greenhouse” technologies

  • Spring 2015 - Summer 2016

    Introduction to “Singapore Greenhouse” technologies

  • Spring 2015 - Summer 2016

    Introduction to “Japanese Greenhouse” technologies

  • Summer 2016 - Winter 2017

    Introduction to Organic products technologies

  • Spring 2017

    Start of development of artificial intelligence elements

  • September 2017

    Pre Token Generating Event (Pre-ICO)

  • November-December 2017

    Token Generating Event (ICO)

  • December 2017

    Land acquisition near Moscow

  • February 2018

    Start of construction of EGH-greenhouse near Moscow

  • June-November 2018

    Establishment of distribution channels

  • Fall 2018

    Association of other organic farmers in EGH club

  • Fall 2018

    Sale of EGH franchise to other farmers

  • Winter 2019

    Land acquisition near St. Petersburg

  • Spring 2019

    Start of construction of EGH-greenhouse near St. Petersburg

  • Winter 2020

    Land acquisition near China border

  • Spring 2020

    Start of construction of EGH-greenhouse near China border


We Work for the Benefit of Your Health
Vladimir Makarov
Vladimir Makarov
Yuliya Mikhaylova
Yuliya Mikhaylova
Yuri Ivanov
Yuri Ivanov
Gennady Samsonov
Gennady Samsonov
Chief Engineer
Love Lebedeva
Love Lebedeva
Сhief agronomist
Ekaterina Gogoleva
Ekaterina Gogoleva
We have a rich experience
of attracting foreign
investments in the
amount of 250.000.000 $
of managing 450
of holding
an IPO
of organizing work
of the management
team in projects
of introducing financial
models and management
of tax planning and
the use of foreign
of solving problems at the level of the subject of the Federation and the Government of the Russian Federation and the Office of the President of the Russian Federation
In such branches of economy as:
Oil and gas and petrochemical industry
  • OJSC SMOLENSKOBLGAZ – Member of the Board of Directors,
  • OJSC KALUGAAOBLGAZ – Member of the Board of Directors,
  • OJSC NIIRP – personal adviser on economic and legal issues
Light industry
  • JSC Borskaya Fabrika POSh – Member of the Board of Directors,
  • OJSC Balashikhinskiy Textil – personal adviser on economic and legal issues
Fish culture
  • PJSC Russian Aquaculture,
  • “Arkhangelsk Experimental Algae Factory”
Aerospace industry
  • JSC International Consortium “Medium Transport Airplane” (aircraft AN-70) – financial director,
  • OJSC Ufa Engine-Building Production Association
Banking sector
  • LLC CB Style Bank,
Holding companies
  • Megapolis Holding
  • Dixy retail chain
  • Zavod V.A. Degtyarev,
  • World Fashion Channel,
  • CJSC Moscow Oil and Gas Company
  • Lufthansa City Center in Moscow,
  • CMX HOLDING Gmbh (Austria),
  • LLC Vertical


Frequently Asked Questions

What are Organic products

Organic products are products grown without the use of pesticides, chemical fertilizers, growth stimulants, GMO and not processed with ionizing radiation.
Organic products, especially environmentally friendly food, thus not only safe, but also useful for human health.
Organic products are grown on clean land without the use of chemicals. Today Organic products are classified as premium.
Many companies grow their products with the addition of chemically synthesized fertilizers and, as a result, they have high yield, with the loss of useful properties and tasty qualities of product. And most of us have forgotten the taste of real vegetables grown without chemistry.
The shareholders of agrarian companies focus on maximizing profits by sacrificing the quality of the product. Unfortunately, today this has become normal. Tomatoes, cucumbers, strawberries, greens, potatoes, pumpkins, and others are being grown in hydroponics at the chemical broth.
Unfortunately, scientists have not yet been able to clearly understand why foods grown in a chemical cocktail have no taste. Or they know and keep silence.
A return to the origins with the use of latest technology will truly have a striking effect.
Organic products are the best disease prevention for humans. Many people have felt the beneficial influence of Organic products. The experience of many people throughout the world confirms that after the transition to healthy nutrition, the quality of life of a person changes: health strengthens, chronic diseases disappear, vivacity and cheerfulness appear.
Organic products contain more antioxidants, which reduces the emergence of cancer and cardiovascular disease.  Organic products contain more minerals, vitamins, and micro nutrients required for people living in a metropolis.

Are there products at a lower price on the market?

Nowadays, 99% of all sold food products are not Organic products. These products are of low quality, in their growth were used chemicals such as preservatives, pesticides, growth regulators, artificial enzymes and additives developed by genetic engineering and chemical fertilizers that are toxic to humans at high doses.

What is the need for Organic foods?

We are striving to make Organic products accessible to the broad segments of the population with different welfare. When price is equal, the consumer will prefer Organic products to those grown in chemistry.
According to IFOAM (International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movement), the world market for organic products will reach $200-250 billion by 2020. USA!
The leading producers of Organic products are the United States, Germany, France, Great Britain, New Zealand, Switzerland. Russia is still behind European producers of Organic products, but there is a huge growth potential for this segment in Russia.
Ratio of the land funds to organic farming

  • EU - 23%
  • North America - 7%
  • Latin America - 23%
  • Asia - 8%
  • Russia - < 1%



According to our data, the number of certified organic agricultural producers in Russia is 80 ± 6-7 companies (today the certificate base is closed). This quantity is not enough to fill the market.
The number of certified enterprises shall increase by 200 per year. In this case, within 8-10 years we will be able to come closer to the indicators of the leading European countries. Today, however, Russia is growing for no more than 4-5 enterprises. It is not difficult to calculate that with such indicators Russia will solve the problem of its market within 400-500 years.

Major consumers of organic products

are city dwellers who care about family health and are oriented to high-quality products.
According to TNS research and Yandex-market, organic foods in Russia are mainly bought by

  • mothers for their children - 40%.
  • adherents of a healthy lifestyle - 30%.
  • premium segment - 20%.
  • on the doctor's recommendation - 10%,

1% of the population is a sustainable group in terms of consumption of organic products.
The average spending on organic products in Russia is €1 per year, whereas in Switzerland this figure is €262.
We have perspectives for growth.

Share of organic products

The market for organic products in the food sector in the RF is officially occupied by no more than 0.1%. We have 3000% of growth to reach the European 30% of organic products on store shelves
Only 21% of Russians know what organic products are.
 (Source: ROMIR and CCC in Moscow (2013-2014).

What innovations will be used in EGH greenhouses

  • Today, artificial intelligence is being applied in various areas.
    We have invented the use of blockchain technologies and machine-based training to produce great harvest of delicious and useful vegetables in the living earth.
    Artificial intelligence on machine learning technology will provide an ideal environment for growing organic products in living earth by tracking many parameters such as
  • air, soil and water temperature
  • soil and air moisture
  • mineral composition and acidity of the soil
  • spectrum of electromagnetic radiation
  • photoperiodism
  • content of CO2 and O2
  • color of the plant leaf
  • quality of seeds
  • and many other
  • Machine learning technologies will help to find the best ratio of these parameters for the production of high-yield of organic products.

How much money is required to attract the construction of a EGH greenhouse?

The cost of the EGH-greenhouse depends primarily on its area. The selection of the size of the EGH-greenhouses, as well as their quantity, will be determined based on the Token Generating Event (ICO). EGH-Greenhouse is a simple scalable business - you can build a EGH-greenhouse from 0.1 to 10 hectares. The maximum efficiency of the EGH-greenhouse is achieved in the area of 10 hectares.

Organic products are sold to consumers through the following sales channels:

  • distribution to EGH Club members
  • direct sales (incl. Internet)
  • direct agreement with retailers and restaurants
  • sales through production cooperatives
  • selling to processor companies
  • sales to wholesale trade representatives

Why not the bank?

Banks are always very conservative about innovative projects and try to minimize their risks, they need collateral. However, the credit conditions in Russia are so tough that they do not allow the development and banks have no understanding of how to evaluate innovative projects.
By combining the innovative project and innovative financing, you can get a unique leading business in your industry. This is why we offer the EGH-greenhouse technology.

Who can be a member of EGH?

The basic idea of a Pre Token Generating Event (Pre-ICO) and Token Generating Event (ICO) is the crowd funding financing of the EGH club, which is why everyone can be a member of EGH club. The ease and transparency of the contribution process to the EGH club is a key element for the Token Generating Event (ICO).
However, there are exceptions. We respect the requirements of the legislation and regulatory authorities of other countries. The citizens and residents of the United States, Singapore, Saint Vincent, the Grenadines are not permitted to Pre Token Generating Event (Pre-ICO) and Token Generating Event (ICO).

What is EGHCoin

  • EGHCoin not a securities, stock, or share.
  • EGHCoin is not intended to create securities
  • EGHCoin does not give the right to take part in the administration of EGH
  • EGHCoin does not promise or guarantee any kind of profit or any future value.
  • EGH is not liable for direct or indirect losses arising from the sale or use of EGHCoin
  • EGHCoin is not an equivalent of currency because it is not issued by any state or central issuer and does not have any relationship or any rights to protocol.
  • EGHCoin gives the exclusive right to purchase EGH products.

If there is a hype for tokens on the stock market, what would you do

We have carefully studied the laws of the stock trade and have concluded that any interference in the bidding process in order to influence the course of a token may be understood as market manipulations, which is a violation of the law in many countries.
At the same time, we admit the appearance of large holders of our tokens with the aim of creating the greatest volatility.
We don't make reserves and we won't interfere with our tokens.

Choice of jurisdiction

We love our country and understand the legislator's desire to protect the interests of all participants in economic relations. And we understand that the quality legislative process takes time. At the present time, Russian legislation does not provide any legal regulation allowing the issuance of digital tokens. This is why the issuance of tokens will be performed in a foreign jurisdiction.
At the same time, the choice of international jurisdiction allows the members of EGH club to obtain protection of their rights before international courts.

How much time will it take to start the operation of EGH club?

As soon as the fund raising is complete, we will launch the project, buy one of the selected parcels and start construction immediately. The EGH-greenhouse can be built in 9 months: 3 months for the construction of EGH-greenhouse and 6 months for the manufacture and installation of the necessary equipment. The parcel selection will be subject to the sum of funds collected as a result of Token Generating Event (ICO).

Why have we chosen a club system?

As the Russian market research showed, there is an acute shortage of organic products that can only be satisfied after many years of intensive organic farming. We chose the club system in order not to create a higher hype when we sell our products.